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When I worked in the corporate world and was single, I could do anything. When I go married, things got more complicated but I still felt like I was in control. However, when I had my child, things went crazy (and I just have one!). I worked full time, managed our home, our finances and all the other bits and pieces that make a life. And, as my daughter got older, I was driving her everywhere, helping with homework, hosting slumber parties, etc., etc., etc. You get the picture. The one thing I didn’t do was plan my own vacations. I left that to an amazing travel advisor who made me feel pampered when the rest of my life didn’t! And, when I became a travel advisor, I knew that the people I wanted to help most were the moms out there who really don’t have the time to add “travel planner” to their already long to do list!

So, if you are a working mom – and all moms are working moms – who do not have time to do 80 hours of research (because that is what the average person has to do to put a trip together) contact us. We can plan your family’s trip to Europe without the stress involved, so you will feel like a guest on your own vacation.

Not sure a travel planner is right for you? Go to When Should I Use A Travel Advisor? and read some of the reason why or complete the Let’s Get Acquainted Form and set up some time to talk.

Paris 2010

New York City 2012

Fairmont Mayakoba – Riviera Maya – 2016

About Me

My love affair with travel – especially family travel – started with my first trip to Paris when I was 10 years old. My dad worked for State Department so my Mom, sister and I went along for 6 weeks! French School, French bread, French Sights and Sounds: all were a revelation to me! But, life got in the way and I didn’t travel again until I was well into my twenties.

Flash forward. I’ve spent the past 15 years planning amazing vacations. My travel experiences include visits to over 21 countries. I’ve been to world-class cities like London, Paris, Rome, Monte Carlo and Caribbean Islands such as St. Bart’s, Grenada, Bonaire and more. I’ve also been to 27 US states, including Hawaii.

Let me share my passion with you by helping you plan your family’s vacations, whether it is a summer vacation trip, spring break, a milestone event or the fulfillment of a dream.