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Here are the steps to planning your dream trip!

Step 1. Fill out the Dream Trip Questionnaire

This will help me get to know your travel style better and will help me understand what your vision is for your family. This information will allow me to create a custom itinerary just for you and your family.

Step 2. Book Some Time For Us to Chat

Once I receive your questionnaire, I will call you to chat about your trip and to get to know each other better, I can discuss ideas for your getaway and we can see if overall we are a good fit to work with each other. We can do this on the phone or in person – your choice.

Step 3. Itinerary Design

The next step is for me to research options for your trip including comparing itineraries and pricing, and customizing it. Once your make your choices, I will coordinate flights and help you with travel insurance. And, once you are booked, I provide information and support. I work with you from start to finish – so you don’t have to!

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