I'm a Busy Parent Just Like You!

My name is Jeannine Bottorff and I am the owner and travel consultant for Classic Family Journeys.


My love affair with travel started with my first trip to Paris when I was 10 years old. My dad worked for State Department so my Mom, sister and I went along for 6 weeks! French School, French bread, French Sights and Sounds: all were a revelation to me! But, life got in the way and I didn’t travel again until I was well into my twenties.


Every vacation after that was a revelation. I found I loved culture, natural beauty, history, wine and food equally – and always enjoyed it more when it was well-planned by a travel consultant, starting with my honeymoon to the French and Italian Rivieras.


Planning travel is my second act!


Throughout the years of working with a travel consultant, I often pondered whether I too would like to pursue travel as a career. Finally, after spending 20 years in the corporate world, I did some soul-searching and realized that planning travel was my true passion and made the leap – and have not looked back!


I believe that my passion for planning combined with my travel to over 25 countries can help make your honeymoon, family adventure or bucket list travel an unforgettable memory.


When I worked in the corporate world and was single, I could do anything.


When I go married, things got more complicated but I still felt like I was in control.


However, when I had my child, things went crazy (and I just have one!). I worked full time, managed our home, our finances and all the other bits and pieces that make a life.


And, as my daughter got older, I was driving her everywhere, helping with homework, hosting slumber parties, etc., etc., etc. You get the picture.


The one thing I didn’t do was plan my own vacations. I left that to an amazing travel advisor who made me feel pampered when the rest of my life didn’t!


And, when I became a travel advisor, I knew that the people I wanted to help most were the moms out there who really don’t have the time to add “travel planner” to their already long to do list!


So, if you are a working mom – and all moms are working moms – who does not have time to do 80 hours of research (because that is what the average person has to do to put a trip together), contact us.


We can plan your family’s trip anywere around the globe without the stress involved, so you will feel like a guest on your own vacation.


If this is sounds like a dream come true, contact me by calling 571-732-0998, emailing info@cfjtravel.com or filling out a travel profile.