I often get calls from people looking for a “deal” on a hotel but what does that really mean? You think you are paying a lower price for the same thing, but are you?

The word “deal” is defined as “trade” – so when you get a rock bottom price, what are trading for that “deal?” Good Customer Service?Reduced Quality? No advocate if things go wrong? These are important things to consider when you are booking a hotel - or any travel!

If you are going to your high school reunion in Cleveland or to see family in Pittsburgh, you probably are OK staying in whatever hotel room is available at the lowest price available. But, do you want to take that chance on your honeymoon or a complicated family trip? No!

Here are my top tips to getting a great hotel Room:

Tip 1: Call The Hotel

It is definitely easier to book online. You just pick the room you want, click and pay. However, when you do that, you are just a number, not a real person who may want to be on a higher floor or want to face the street or need some other services. Call the hotel directly and explain to them what you are looking for. Be pleasant and easy to work with and most will bend over backwards to help get you a good room.

Tip 2: Negotiate Your Rate

Yes, you can negotiate your rate. Once again, call the hotel and tell them that you want to stay at their hotel but that the price is too high. Ask them politely if they would be willing to work with you. Now, they may not budge during high season or if the hotel is full, but if it is a quiet time, they have more incentive to work with you and give you a better rate.

Tip 3: Use A Travel Advisor (Me!)

Travel Advisors book through suppliers who have contracts in place with the hotels. That means when you book a hotel through a travel advisor, those hotels have a vested interest. You no longer just represent one room for a few days but potentially much more business booked through that travel advisor and the travel agency. That means you are more likely to get preferential treatment. Another reason to book through a Travel Advisor is that they are often associated with consortiums, like <a href="">Virtuoso, that bring you upgrades and extras like daily breakfast and resort credits that are not just pleasantries but can increase the value of your vacation while keeping cash in your pockets!

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